By elliottsb
This chart is a supplement to the BMW History article found in the August 2016 issue of Roundel.  It contains BMW vehicle generations from 1972 through press time of the August 2016 issue.
By naterisch
They could have called it The Great Escape, representing the abrupt emigration of the three presenters of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) hugely popular car show: Top Gear. Instead, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have titled their new car program The Grand Tour.
By naterisch
After Otto’s decapitation and re-capitation, last week he rejoined the living. With his newly rebuilt head, he sprang to life on the first turn of the key. But after I re-torqued the head and set the valves, I didn’t like the sound of the idle.
By naterisch
There’s something wonderful about emerging from the Midwestern winter and performing an oil change. Ah, the snow is gone early this year, and the sun is finally shining. You line up your tools, get the trusty E36 up on its low-angle ramps, and prepare to turn the first bolt of spring. This thing is much tighter than I remember. Did I do the last oil change, or did I take it to a shop? 
By naterisch
Last week I put Otto’s head on the block (which has an utterly different connotation here than in, say, the French Revolution) and torqued it down. I thought that, given one uninterrupted evening, I should be able to button everything up and get Otto running.