Ladies Program Committee

Ladies Program Committee

The mission of the Ladies Program Committee (LPC) is to encourage more active participation in the club by its women members and encourage more women to become members. The Committee currently consists of one representative from each region under the BMW CCA umbrella and will be an asset to their regional chapter leadership. The LPC will also be involved with National events.

The main goal is to increase participation of women in the BMW CCA. We would like to highlight successes in club magazines/publications, and encourage women to participate in existing events and create more events tailored toward women members.

Lisa Goehring National & Non-geographic
Eileen Arnaud North Atlantic
Robin Warren South Atlantic
Alison Bell North Central
Janet Kiyota Central
Sue Fota Pacific
Jackie Bechek Performance Center Liaison
Kristen Arendt Communications

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For further information or questions, please send an email to