COVID Policy


The following updated policy has been adopted by the BMWCCA National Board of Directors regarding ALL driving events/programs:

As Covid outbreaks have reduced, BMW CCA is changing our requirements for Chapters conducting in-person events. Chapters must continue to abide by all existing local, state and federal policies, regulations and guidelines. If a Chapter chooses to, they may enact standards that are more strict than local, state or federal requirements.

The National Board of Directors also recommends the following

  • For participants NOT fully vaccinated, it is recommended to require masks and/or other face coverings when inside (e.g., vehicles, classrooms, etc.).  Additionally, when outside enclosed spaces, social distancing of at least 6 feet is recommended for those not fully vaccinated
  • Chapters should consider special wristbands to more easily identify participants that both qualify AND have Opted-In for in-car instruction.
  • Any shared equipment (e.g., student headsets, loaner helmets, radios for Chapter or facility communications) should always be sanitized before use by another person.  Windscreens (mic covers) made from plastic and other solid materials can be cleaned with common cleaning agents or disinfectants (e.g., 70% Isopropyl).  Foam can be carefully washed with warm water and mild detergent, then dried at  a temperature of  over 70° for at least 72 hours or simply replaced with a new (or newly washed) foam piece.
  • Chapters should consider the possibility that car sharing may cause complications with regard to the articles above. Because of this, Chapters should have an expressed policy and/or contingency plan in place for shared cars with drivers that may or may not both be fully vaccinated.
  • Chapters should develop a plan regarding a situation where a participant has opted-in for in-car instruction but changes their mind at the event or at the last minute. It is highly recommended that Chapters post their policy and any solution they find appropriate regarding this on the registration page, as well as making it known at the instructor’s and driver’s meetings so everyone is aware of what to expect should this take place.
  • At driving schools, chapters should be prepared for disparities in pace which may create passing issues within “hybrid” run groups involving both in-car and lead/follow instruction within the same session.
  • Because the Covid-19 status of all States and Provinces may vary on a rapid and unpredictable basis, the National DEC will be reviewing information and data available on an ongoing basis. Consequently, the NDEC may revise its recommendations as needed and Chapters should be prepared for this possibility.