National Office Staff

Name Position Phone Number
Frank Patek Executive Director 864 250-0022 x226
Lindsey Branston Director of Financial Operations 864 250-0022 x228
Chris Hennecy Director of Corporate Relations 864 250-0022 x222
Kyle van Hoften Director of Community Relations  
Kimberly Austin Director of Communications 864 250-0022 x231
Steven Schlossman Director of Chapter Services 864 250-0022 x225
Angie Muenster Member Services 864 250-0022 x234
Michelle Maldonado Rebate and Raffle Administrator 864-250-0022 x240
Heather Tollison Controller 864 250-0022 x229
Tricia Williams Club Racing Licensing Administrator 864 250-0022 x224
W. Len Rayburn Creative Director 864 250-0022 x235
Stephen Elliott Director of Information Technology 864 250-0022 x221
Roundel Magazine
Satch Carlson Editor-in-chief  
Michael Slaff Advertising Manager  
Roundel Weekly
Nate Risch Editor