Collector Chassis

The BMW Car Club of America is partnering with Collector Chassis, a brand-new online community and auction site for car collectors.

As a BMW CCA member you can join the community on Collector Chassis and benefit from the following:

  • Create your own Collection page

    • Share vehicles from your personal collection and tell their stories with a passionate community.
    • Connect with other collectors and find your next must-have car.
    • Don't have a collector or vintage vehicle of your own? You can still join the community and browse other members' car collections.
  • Participate in Reserve Auctions

    • It's free to list and sell your vehicle!
    • Collector Chassis completes a VIN, title check, and Carfax (1981 and newer).
  • Low Fees

    • No Seller fees
    • Buyer pays 5% bidder fee, capped at a maximum of $5,000.