Driving Tours

As a driving club with a passion for BMW’s, the Club provides many opportunities for various kinds of driving tours through its chapters. Each chapter can design driving events which best suit the needs of its members. Some chapters design tours which lead to a well-known historic landmark, or even an out-of-the-way geographic site. Members are often delighted to discover interesting places in their own state that they had never before visited or explored. A favorite scenic drive is one which ends at a local tavern or restaurant which enables the members to unwind after the long drive, and get to know each other better. The simplest form of Driving Tour involves an arranged meeting place—perhaps at a local parking lot—with an organizer leading the way on the prescribed driving tour. Rest stops at scenic vistas and overlooks provide the best chance to enjoy the scenery and camaraderie of the group. Any chapter member is capable of designing a driving tour—one is only limited by the scope of their creativity. The best driving tour gives members a chance to take in the surrounding scenery, experience their ultimate driving machine with their friends, and share their passion for BMW with their fellow chapter members.