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If you're thinking of joining the Club—and you really should!—then you'd probably like to know a little more about one of our most important benefits, Roundel, which has been called "the best car-club magazine on the planet" by Car and Driver. But hey—you may be new to this madness: Who are these people?! What's a roundel, anyway?!

Simple: The BMW roundel is that round emblem you see on the hood, the blue-and-white symbol of our passion. And Roundel is our magazine: all about the cars, sure, but also about the people—and their adventures—that make the Club such an interesting environment.

Most members would rather give up their first-born than their Roundel. Join the Club, and you'll get to see the latest issue below; it's identical to the printed version that will arrive in your mailbox.

I look forward to delivering you your first "real" Roundel—I hope you enjoy it!—Satch Carlson, editor-in-chief