By Chris Hennecy
Now that you all have your July issues of Roundel, it’s time for me to chastise the editor. Readers should know just how frustratingly fastidious the man can be—about what he will or will not publish.
By Chris Hennecy
Sometimes an inventor answers the question that nobody asked: Exhibit A, in this case, is the BMW i Pedalec electric folding bike. It’s a concept, so the $1,889 price—I’m just guessing—hasn’t yet been revealed.
By Chris Hennecy
With terrible storms wracking the East Coast, deadly fires in the American West, and political upheaval around the world, it may not seem like a time for celebration. But we are a resilient nation, with an independent spirit that goes back to the days before the Revolution. If anything, the memories of that war, and of the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War II—even the greatest lesson of 9/11 must be that this nation will endure.
By Chris Hennecy
I spent most of this weekend goofing around in the garage. I would love to say that this is a normal weekend for me, but it’s unfortunately not. Between work travel and my need to have a life where I do more than drink beer and fix cars,* I haven’t been in the garage much of late. So it goes.
By Stephen Elliott
There must be a scintillatingly good word for it, but I’m buggered if I can find it. The word I want means “the process of becoming mainstream.” The need to patch this hole in my vocabulary became evident last week,