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Probably not; but for fans of BMW’s new sports car, the original Blade Runner look and feel, and digital graphic arts, this video by reader Yasid brings all three together in a tantalizing but unlikely possibility.

Yasid has made an hour-long video showing how he took a stock BMW i8 photo and digitally manipulated it into a vehicle that Rick Deckard—Harrison Ford’s character from the original neo-noir cult classic Blade Runner film—could easily be seen driving in a possible sequel. And why not? Original director Ridley Scott is reported to be on board to make Blade Runner 2 and Harrison Ford has been invited to recreate his role, although there has been no indication from him that he will accept it.

For anyone who has ever tried to digitally alter a photo and knows how hard it is to do it well, this video is a revelation. The artist accelerated the action, which made the result fascinating, and even hypnotic.

If you’re not interested in seeing every step of the transformation, you can always skip to the end to see the finished vehicle as it sits on a rainy Los Angeles street sometime in the future, waiting for Deckerd to hop in and chase down some Replicants.—Scott Blazey

[Photo and video courtesy or and YasidDesign.]