Club News

Open voting for the position of President of the BMW Car Club of America ended at 5:00PM ET Friday February 16, 2024. At which time a total of 4 mail ballots, which had been held at the Taft Law Firm in Dayton, Ohio were combined with 3180 digital ballots cast. On behalf of the Board and Staff, I thank our members for the time and effort they put forth in making their election decision. To those who have indicated their disappointment that our election cycle may have begun a too close resemblance of our national political mood, I can only say that I share your concern. Board and staff spent an outsized amount of time responding to falsehoods and the resultant questions and assumptions generated by those falsehoods. Personally, I am refreshed by the number of members who either batted down misinformation when they saw it and/or brought it to the attention of those equipped to do so.

Thank you to our candidates. The BMW Car Club of America is and always will be a volunteer driven organization. Policy decisions rest solely with our national board and the person responsible for organizing, prioritizing and overseeing the execution and performance of those policies is the President of the Club. As a club BMW CCA is committed to operating democratically, meaning that our President leads not by fiat, but rather guides, prompts and by example. Add in an unspecified amount of diplomacy, fair working hours of every evening and weekend in exchange for the generous compensation package known as FREE – we can be no less than grateful to have members both willing and able to meet the duties and responsibilities placed before them.

At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the BMW Car Club of America our President will be Jeff Caldwell.