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Last year BMW created a new position at all of its dealerships—the BMW Genius—and the people who filled these positions should become your best friends. Why is that? Well, these are the people who are happy to answer all of your BMW questions!

The BMW Genius is basically a customer service position that works off of a salary instead of commision like the sales people. This was done so that there is no pressure for a sale and allows them to have the customer's best interest in mind.

BMW Geniuses go through quite a bit of product training and even spend a week with BMW USA learning everything about the new vehicles. Although dealerships may utilize their Geniuses differently, most will have them conduct test drives, help with picking out options that best suit the customer's needs, demonstrate vehicle features, and help set up all of the technology in a new vehicle. 

BMW wants you to get the most out of your vehicle, thus they have made it so that you can get access to a BMW Genius even without going to a dealership. They have created a BMW Genius app for Android and iOS devices that is simple to use and can answer just about any question that may arise. The app contains how-to videos and key benefits about BMW features, information about BMW functionalities, model specific product information, product specs and more.

One of the best new initiatives that BMW USA has done for the BMW Genius program though is creating a national hotline. You can call the BMW Genius Hotline where a dedicated team is available to help answer all of your product related questions. Whether it be connecting your new phone via bluetooth, programming the garage door opener, using the voice commands, or anything else that raises a question.

What I recommend to everyone with a new BMW, is that they program 1-844-4GENIUS (443-6487) into one of their memory buttons on their dash. Thus whenever a question does arise, you just hit the Genius button and get your question answered immediately. The hotline is available Monday through Saturday, 9:00am-9:00pm (EST).

When you take delivery of a new BMW, most likely a Genius will be there to go over all the main features with you. If they were to cover everything at delivery, it could be a little overwhelming. Thus after you have had some time to get acquainted with your new vehicle, a BMW Genius may call you to set up an Encore appointment. If they don't, I highly recommend that you call up your local dealership and set one up. The BMW Encore is a special session scheduled at a time of your convenience, dedicated to answering all of your questions about your new BMW. Plan to spend about an hour with your Genius.

New cars are becoming more and more complex, and BMW wants to make sure that you utilize your car to its full potential, the BMW Genius is here to help.—Nate Risch

[Pictures courtesy of BMW USA]