BMW News

We frequently mention the BMW Welt—BMW World—located next to the BMW headquarters and BMW Museum in Munich. The reason we speak of it often is that the BMW Welt has so many purposes, from marketing to customer fulfillment, to cultural, to epicurean. Open since 2007, it has become one of the top ten things to see in Munich, according to, and annually hosts over 3,000,000 visitors.

We’re fairly certain that the vast majority of BMW fans who find themselves in Munich will visit the BMW Welt. Those who are there to take European delivery of a new BMW will have no choice.

For a preview of what those fortunate BMW enthusiasts will see when they get there, and as a guided tour of the place for the rest of us until we travel to Germany, the BMW Group has prepared a video. Enjoy.—Scott Blazey

[Photos and video courtesy of the BMW Group.]