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Over the past year we have kept you updated on the Clarion Builds 2002 project from start to glorious finish. Most BMW enthusiasts of any era have a deep respect and appreciation for the BMW 2002 as the car that started the BMW automobile movement in the United States and also as the car most responsible for the creation of the BMW Car Club of America.

The restoration, updating, and upgrading of a Fjord Blue 1974 BMW 2002 by Clarion Builds was fascinating to watch as they tore down the car and then built it back up again. In this just-released video, Clarion Builds’ official driver, two times Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg shows us the finished product in action over some Pacific coast roads.

Those of you who have never owned a BMW 2002 will get a taste of how clean, exciting, and sporty these cars were. For us previous 2002 owners, well, if these videos don’t make us homesick for our 2002s of ages past, nothing will.—Scott Blazey

To see what the 2002 looked like before the build started, and to hear why Clarion Builds undertook this project in the first place, check out this “origin” video.

Earlier we saw Chris Forsberg driving the Clarion Builds 2002 on public roads and streets in California. Check out this video for some footage of Chris and the 2002 at the track.

[Photos and videos courtesy of Clarion USA.]