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Facebook and Instagram BMW CCA

What is your preferred method to consume information and news? Are you TV-person?  Newspapers and magazines still your style? Swear by logs and email newsletters?  Apps only for you? Regardless of the style, depth, importance or even for some, reliability, there are many options for us today.

Technology is evolving quickly and presenting more and more ways to share and absorb information. We’re expanding our resources instead of switching them. For the BMW CCA, we still have a fantastic and award-winning magazine—Roundel. We have our weekly email communication as well as our website. We also send information via direct email and still direct mail. And we received a fax the other day! Forty thousand people follow our Facebook page (do you?) and more than 26,000 people follow our Instagram page (do you?). Stay tuned for future evolutions, too, including a YouTube channel and more!

But in the meantime, while each channel provides different information in different means to different audiences, we encourage you to explore new-to-you channels. In fact, starting this week and moving forward, we will be hosting unique-to-Instagram and unique-to-Facebook promotions, contests and programs that will be shared in other channels, but accessed primarily through those specific media.

Social Media BMW CCA

Each week, we have more and more people not just following our Facebook and Instagram pages, but starting accounts on those apps to follow us (and yes, some other pages, too, we recognize). If you are unfamiliar with Facebook and would like to set up an account, Facebook has a simple tutorial starting at and Instagram has a similar tutorial at

We encourage you to add these resources to your arsenal of information sources. With these channels hosting contests and promotions, as well as news about members, members cars and general industry news, we are confident you’ll appreciate these options as well.