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As more spy photos of the next-generation BMW M5 appear, so do leaks and rumors about its components and performance. For example, some industry observers believe that the new M5 will probably have a carbon-fiber roof; this would help offset the inevitable weight gain from the addition of an all-wheel-drive system that seems to be a consensus feature of the new F90.

Due out later this year—possibly at the Frankfurt Auto Show—the F90 M5 will debut as a 2018 model and most likely won't be at dealers until next year.

BMW executives have been hinting for some time about an all-wheel drive system for the new M5. If it does exist, it will be heavily rear-biased to retain the traditional BMW "feel" of a rear-wheel drive car, but at the same time, use all-wheel drive to better transmit the car's rumored 600-plus horsepower and close to 600 pound-feet of torque to the road. We still hold out hope that among the inevitable multiple driving modes will be one with which the driver can send all the power to the rear wheels if desired.

We hope that the M5 will be the most powerful and fastest BMW made, at least until the M8 arrives. The BMW M760i comes with a V12 that produces 601 horsepower but the M760i is not a full-blown M car, which leads us to hope that BMW will pull a few more horses out of the new M5 to give it substantially more than 600 horsepower and zero-to-60 miles per hour times in the vicinity of 3.5 seconds. We also expect BMW to waive the ridiculous electronically limited 155 mph top speed for a more braggable top end of around 180 mph or higher, possibly as part of an optional "driver's package."

All will be made known when the F90 M5 launches later this year. Until then, we expect more spy photos and perhaps even a few more concrete hints from executives at BMW or M.—Scott Blazey

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