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If these spy shots from are actually of a plug-in hybrid 7 Series test vehicle that BMW intends to build, then it’s apparent that practically the entire BMW family of vehicles will have plug-in models. Of course, i3s and i8s will have cords, but we’ve also seen plug-in hybrid concept and test versions of the next BMW X5 and also a plug-in version of the new 3 Series.

Prototypes have already been spotted of the next generation 7 Series, but the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker and telltale charging cover on the left front fender give this away as a plug-in hybrid.

We should see the new 7 Series sometime late in 2015 as a 2016 model. It remains to be seen if the plug-in hybrid version—if approved for production—is released at the same time as the conventional model, or trails it into 2016.

Will prospective owners of BMW’s flagship luxury model be willing to pay extra for the privilege of plugging into their garage wall charger just for an extra 30 or 50 miles per gallon? We should find out next year if BMW thinks so.—Scott Blazey


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