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The response has been great from the news about Griot’s Garage and new sponsors Dinan and Bring a Trailer for the upcoming Legends of the Autobahn presented by Michelin! As you read this, it’s a mere ten days away—so check out more information about additional partners we’ll have at Legends!

Right off the bat, when you enter the fantastic Nicklaus Golf Club and venture out to the fairways full of…well, legends of the autobahn, you’ll certainly see the Michelin display and their three stands. While last year, they had six stands with BMWs supporting the centennial celebration of the marque, this year, there will be three stands each with a unique AMG vehicle. We know this is the BMW Car Club, but we caught a few of you peeking at some fine Mercedes in past years, so we know those stands will pique your interest, too! And Michelin will have on hand plenty of tire experts to talk with you about the best Michelin tires for your car.

Also on hand will be Bib, the Michelin Man! In fact, post your picture with Bib on Instagram and tag #biblegends2017. Michelin will select one submission to receive a Michelin swag bag of Michelin goodies!

Those tires need to hit the road properly and fortunately, KW Suspension will be present after great engagement at O’Fest 2016. KW Suspension is the sponsor of the Display Corrals and the Tuner Category in the judged classes. With many BMW enthusiasts adapting their rides with engine swaps, different seats, after market wheels, and more, the Tuner Category sponsored by KW Suspension is emerging as a great way to see a new variety of cars rewarded for their efforts.

While KW Suspension is the sponsor of the Display Corrals, Hagerty has stepped up to present a People’s Choice Award—Das Beste Auto—for the Display Corrals. This is great for those members proud to show off their cars in the Display Corral, but perhaps aren’t ready to have the fine judges pour over their cars with the detail that a concours expects. Display Corral sponsored by KW Suspension participants should look for the cards and car decals when they check in. We should all look for Hagerty representatives on site with ballots so that we can vote. Hagerty is also providing a drawing for those attendees submitting ballots, so there’s even more potential to win at Legends!

We mentioned Griot’s presence at Legends in the previous story. Next to Griot’s will be XPEL Protective Films. Visit the XPEL booth to learn about paint protection and how their many solutions can protect that legend of the autobahn of yours. Avoiding rock chips, easy to clean, prolonging the paint quality? Ask the XPEL folks how those can apply to your car at their booth at Legends.

Two days after this Roundel Weekly story, the BMW CCA Special Drawing for the Shell V-Power NiTRO+ $1000 in gas cards will conclude (yep, August 10!) But the benefits from Shell don’t stop there. In addition to their presence at their booth at Legends, you’ll hear the Shell name a lot during the awards ceremonies. Shell is providing Shell gas gift cards to more than 20 winners in the judged classes! Stop by their booth to learn more about their Fuel Rewards program, too!

Those of you who read Sports Car Market magazine might have been following the journey of the Bradley GT. As a fun way to welcome Monterey Car Week, Keith Martin—publisher of Sports Car Market and the Legends of the Autobahn emcee—provided readers the chance to drive the Bradley GT portions of its travels to Monterey Car Week. When you see the Bradley GT arrive at Legends, you might appreciate the irony, especially with its owner one of the foremost experts in fine collector cars escorting The Bradley onto the fairways with legitimate legends of the autobahn. We’re confident the Sports Car Market booth will have copies of the current Sports Car Market issue so you can check out reports and auction results about cars with…perhaps a more storied pedigree than The Bradley.

Our partners have helped us out with keeping us hydrated, too, in a variety of ways! Water is being provided by La Jolla Independent. Wine at the VIP lunch is being provided by Pirelli (as well as the wine at the Festorics Kick-off dinner Friday night and at Festorics at the track Saturday and Sunday) and at the beer garden, Spaten is providing beer and Tito’s is providing vodka!

And in addition to all this, we’ll have cars at Legends of the Autobahn, too! Hundreds of cars! Thank you to our partners who continue to make this event possible, to our hundreds of members who bring their pride and joy to Monterey for such a fantastic weekend, and to our many other members and friends who come to see the extraordinary events!—Kyle van Hoften

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