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On the eve of the BMW CCA Oktoberfest 2014 TSD Rally starting in Beaver Creek, Colorado, we are reminded that there are different kinds of rallies. The Oktoberfest rally is on paved roads, and speed is not essential; only precisely following the route in the prescribed time.

But there are other types of rallies in which drivers attempt to cover the rally stages as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this puts the car in what aviators call "unusual attitudes." During this year’s Viru Rally in Estonia, Pritt Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna put their BMW M3 into a position that, nine times out of ten, would lead to disaster. Credit the driver with maintaining some serious focus, all the way through the landing and through the ess turns beyond. Here's the video. Watch closely; it happens quickly.—Scott Blazey

..and from the cockpit....