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The all-new, second-generation BMW 8 Series Coupe must be getting ready for prime time. These latest spy photos show the car still in camouflage—mostly. Even the camouflage has changed, from BMW's traditional swirly design to the more linear, techno look seen recently on prototypes of the i8 Roadster and the next-generation X5.

We can now see exactly what the headlight configuration will be, with the long and wide assembly sweeping from the side all the way to the kidney grilles and the hexagonal angel eyes that are the new normal for BMW.

While the taillights are only just peeking through the camo, it's obvious they will also wrap around from the side well into the rear fascia. The rear deck has a pronounced lip that will help balance the front air dam and wraparound chin spoiler.

Much of the kidney grilles remains concealed, but it still looks like the grilles will be a bit smaller than the monstrous ones that were on the BMW Concept 8 Series. This test car was out in the weather and the snow collecting in the grilles seem to indicate that the slats were closed. The two large air scoops could indicate this particular car has the M Sport line. We can barely make out the air curtain openings behind the front wheels. Maybe it's the camouflage or maybe the opening is just really thin.

The camouflage is doing a pretty good job of hiding the Hofmeister kink, which in recent BMW designs seems to be getting less kinky.

We hope that the new 8 Series will remain a true coupe and judging from the roofline on this prototype, it would be difficult to add rear doors to turn it into a Gran Coupe like they did with the 4 Series and 6 Series. Difficult, but not impossible for BMW, which does not subscribe to the definition of a coupe as a two-door car.

At least in camouflage form, this prototype looks like a large car that projects power and style. Perhaps the BMW "big coupe" is back.—Scott Blazey

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