BMW News

Earlier this year, BMW USA opened the doors to their new west coast Performance Center at The Thermal Club. Located at the south end of the Coachella Valley, this new location is perfect for year-round driving enjoyment.

The BMW facility at The Thermal Club is still in its infancy, but it is already one of the top-tier facilities in North America. The Performance Center consists of a configurable track that is quite technical and makes for an amazing autocross track. There is also a large dry driving pad and a wet skid pad for drifting. Plus right next door is the full track of the North and South Palm circuits of The Themal Club.

This year you have two opportunities to attend a Members Only Two-Day M School at The Thermal Club. This $3,395 (normally $3,995) course includes not only the ample amenities of the brand-new Thermal Club facility, but also all the amenities one would expect at the renowned Spartanburg, South Carolina Performance Center. These include a full range of current M cars and training on a variety of courses by professional instructors. These courses offer drivers of all skill levels the opportunity to gain the confidence and skill to push any of BMW's most powerful offerings to the limit. Travel arrangements are not included, but the price does include meals, lodging, and everything needed to make this two-day celebration of M power complete.

To register for the school, please call BMW Registration at (888) 345-4BMW. You must have a valid BMW CCA membership to participate in this program.—Nate Risch