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We know that the BMW 8 Series coupe is coming because BMW told us so—and gave us a preview with the BMW Concept 8 Series. Recent spy photos show that the 8 Series convertible won't be far behind, either. Previously seen in winter testing near the Arctic Circle, the new 8 Series drop-top has now been spotted in somewhat warmer climes.

Excitement for the new 8 Series Coupe is building as BMW has already announced an M8 will be forthcoming and showed us a camouflaged version at last month's Nürburgring 24 Hours. The original E31 8 Series never had an M version, so the new, larger 8 Series family is tantalizing—at least for those who will afford the price of admission.

Another original E31 8 Series model that never happened was a production 8 Series convertible. BMW is taking care of that this time around, too.

The prototype in these spy shots appears to have a soft top. We're pretty sure that BMW has tossed the retractable hard roof on the upcoming Z4 Roadster in favor of a folding cloth top to save weight. Is BMW doing the same thing to the 8 Series Convertible? Maybe, maybe not. The company that is well known for attaching fake plastic body panels with sheet metal screws to hide a car's real lines may not be above covering a retractable hard top with convertible cloth to throw off the competition. Would the rear window of a real soft top be covering something else inside that is covered in BMW's distinctive camouflage? For a grand touring convertible in the price range expected for the 8 Series, a retractable hard top might attract more high-end buyers than a cloth one. We will probably have to wait a few months to find out for real, unless some enterprising spy photographer comes up with more definitive proof sooner.

The official launch of the 8 Series Convertible is expected in 2018.—Scott Blazey

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