BMW News

Laurel BMW in Westmont, Illinois has sold out their allocation of new BMW i8s, except for one—the display model. And by display model we mean a model that can only be displayed. It looks like the real i8, the headlights work, it’s the exact size, but it’s just a fiberglass display. No engine, no transmission, no interior, the doors don’t open, and the windows are opaque. The wheels don’t turn but that’s okay; the model has built-in casters on which it can be rolled, and it only weighs about 500 pounds.

And you can buy it.

The dealership is selling its i8 model on eBay. The auction ends at 11:32 AM on Friday, August 29th. Click here for the link to the auction.

This fiberglass replica i8 was purchased by the dealer directly from BMW and was displayed in their showroom. Now all their i8 orders are filled so they don’t need it anymore.

Many of us will never have the cash to be able to park a real BMW i8 in our garage, but perhaps one lucky auction winner will be able to simulate the experience for a fraction of the cost. Do you have a empty garage bay? Put this replica in it, cover it with a car cover and leave just one corner exposed. It will drive your neighbors crazy.—Scott Blazey

[Photos courtesy of Laurel BMW via eBay.]