Club News

Let's make "great" into "greater"—let's build on what we have and make it stronger! We're proud to be in this club; let's share it with others. We have less than one week left in the 2017 BMW CCA Membership Drive! This means that there is less than one week left to generate additional drawing entries for a chance to win a one-day M School at the BMW Performance Centers! It means you can pile up more BMW CCA bucks per referral that you can use to buy merchandise and even memberships! It means that if you refer five to nine new members in 2017, you receive the Member Design Contest Winning grille badge and if you refer ten or more, you receive the Motorsport Tribute grille badge—and in less than one week, those totals all reset. So let’s get those additional referrals in this week!

How many of your friends and fellow automotive and BMW enthusiasts might say yes to spending $48/year for what this club has to offer? Let’s find out! Show them Roundel magazine. Talk to them about the discounts they can receive, like 15% off classes and merchandise at the BMW Performance Schools, or discounts from KW Suspension, Griot’s Garage, CocoMats, BavSound, Hagerty and more. Talk to them about autocross or High Performance Driving Education programs. Or tell them once a club member for a year, they could get a rebate for up to $1,500 on new and CPO BMWs—they don’t need a BMW now to join, but if they might get one in the next few years, they’ll get their $48/year back and then some!

Overheard from members recently about the club—just in case you’re wondering if your friends, family and colleagues might join our club of nearly 70,000 passionate automotive (and discount!) enthusiasts:

  • “Thank you for organizing the best car club in the world!” –Golden Gate Chapter member
  • “Glad to have all these BMW owners and fans be a part of the BMW CCA!” –Sin City Chapter member
  • “Congratulations on your membership; you’ll love it for sure!” –Everglades Chapter member
  • “Thank you for the awesome giveaways to members!” –San Diego Chapter member
  • “Friends, I have good news! I am now a proud new member of the BMW CCA!” –New member
  • “All these giveaways and member benefits reminded me I need to sign up!” –Roadrunner Chapter new member!
  • “Been a member since I started driving BMWs; love the magazine!” –First Coast Chapter member
  • “I love it! Definitely recommend the CCA events; they’re a lot of fun! I’ve done a few with my BMW!” –Los Angeles Chapter member
  • “You guys are awesome, BMW CCA! You sure know how to treat your members! Well done!” –Peachtree Chapter member
  • “Thank you, BMW CCA, for featuring my 8 Series! Keep up the amazing work you do for the community!” –National Capital Chapter member
  • “It’s a worthwhile membership and I would encourage you all to join. Roundel magazine alone is worth the membership price!” –Northern Ohio Chapter member

Your friends are the next ones to say these same things! First step is to ask them. You can visit for more information and to make it easier for them to put down your number as the referrer, have them go to with your member number replacing the ######. Your number will automatically populate when they come to that field and you’ll each get an entry into the drawings for the One Day M-School at the BMW Performance Centers! Let’s see what we can do this last week of 2017 for the club!