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Nick Owen is a genius. But not just an ordinary genius. He’s a BMW Motorsport Genius. BMW of El Cajon, a dealership in the San Diego area, just announced that Nick is joining their staff as their BMW Motorsport Genius. His job is to impart to customers his vast knowledge of the features and benefits of the latest BMW Motorsport products. Nick is also the dealership’s go-to guy for customers who have technical questions.

BMW is well along its Future Retail strategy which includes dealership facilities upgrades, more use of digital screens in showrooms, and, of course, product geniuses, of which Nick Owen is the newest for BMW of El Cajon.

Nick is the perfect choice for a BMW Motorsport Genius. First, he’s a long-time BMW owner. Second, he has been a Certified BMW Technician for over nine years. Third, he is a qualified high-performance driving school instructor. And last, but certainly not least, Nick is a BMW CCA member, but not just any BMW CCA member; he serves on the BMW CCA National Board as the Pacific Regional Vice President.

BMW of El Cajon participates in BMW’s Encore Program, in which owners of new BMWs are invited back to the dealership after 30 days to review the features of the vehicle, especially the more advanced ones. It’s a great opportunity for a new owner to get smarter about the technical operation of the new BMW—including M Performance parts—that might improve the new owner’s enjoyment. If BMW owners take advantage of the Encore Program at BMW of El Cajon, Nick Owen is the person who will help them out.

You might run into Nick at a San Diego Chapter event, or possibly at any event in the BMW CCA’s Pacific Region. If you’re coming to Oktoberfest 2014 at Beaver Creek, Colorado from June 16–20, you can definitely meet Nick. Feel free to congratulate him and shake the hand of a bona fide Genius.—Scott Blazey