BMW News

From time to time, we run across videos on the Internet featuring BMW cars. Some are spectacular, some are cute, some are fun—and some are almost unbelievable. On the outside chance that you're not spending ten or twelve hours a day searching online for BMW videos, we thought we'd present a few "greatest hits" from the past few weeks.

Top-of-the-Line BMW on the world's best road.

BMWs are all about driving and the good folks over at BMWBLOG and QuadcoptersRO have produced a new video that shows how spectacular the results can be when you put a beautiful, great-handling BMW on one of the world's most awesome highways.

For the details on this extraordinary video, visit  [Video courtesy of BMWBLOG.]

Hot BMW in Munich Teaser Revealed.

Last week BMW released a teaser video showing what appeared to be a very sporty BMW tearing through the streets of Munich. Now we have the complete video that reveals exactly which BMW model is making all the noise.


[Video courtesy of BMW TV.]

How fast is the new M3?

Focus really hard on this video of the new BMW M3. 

[Video courtesy of BMW or North America.]

M235i Driftmob. Finding new uses for traffic roundabouts.

This is one BMW video you may have already seen, since it has almost 6,500,000 views on YouTube already. But just in case you haven't...

But wait, there's more. Here is BMW's video of the making of the Driftmob video.

[Videos courtesy of BMW.]

We could go on for hours, but these videos have probably already taken a big chunk of your bandwidth, not to mention using up your otherwise productive time.—Scott Blazey