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Calling it "a new breed of car," BMW announced the BMW X2. It completes BMW's family of Sports Activity Coupes that include the BMW X6 and X4. Designed to be fun, agile, and powerful, the new all-wheel-drive X2 is also sporty, efficient, and connected.

“The BMW X2 represents an expression of modern and extrovert vehicle dynamics,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “Its standalone vehicle concept brings a new, fresh, and exciting facet of the BMW to the compact segment.”

The new BMW X2 will be available at BMW dealerships in the spring, with pricing announced closer to market launch.

Based on the same UKL platform as the X1, the BMW X2 is 3.2 inches shorter and 2.8 inches lower than the X1. This, along with its coupe-like roofline, gives it a sportier, more muscular appearance.

“The BMW X2 fuses the fast-moving forms of a coupe with the robust volumes of an X model,” explained Thomas Sycha, Head of Design BMW Compact Class. “It was important to us to make these apparently conflicting aspects of the BMW X2 and the car’s individual character something you experience from every angle and at first glance.”

The X2's sporty appearance is more than skin deep. When the X2 comes to market, one of its variants will be the BMW X2 xDrive28i that will have the latest generation two-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine cranking 228 horsepower from 5,000 to 6,000 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque from 1,450 to 4,500 rpm. Coupled with the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, that's enough to move the 3,662-pound (curb weight) X2 from zero to 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 130 mph, although there is an optional package that bumps the top speed to 143 mph. The M Sport Package also adds a Sport Automatic Transmission for faster gearshifts and paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

As the newest member of the X family, the X2 is available with xDrive, BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive system. xDrive sends the power to the axles needing it in less than 250 milliseconds—virtually unnoticed by the driver. The combination of Driving Stability Control (DSC) and xDrive maintains current data on the vehicle’s speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, steering lock, wheel-speed, pitch, accelerator position, and the Driving Dynamic Control (DDC) and DSC settings to calculate the ideal power division between the front and rear wheels.

The all-new BMW X2 chassis has been tuned for agility and great handling. A touch of the Driving Dynamics Control button lets drivers switch between Comfort, Eco Pro, and Sport modes. When Sport mode is engaged, the steering becomes firmer and powertrain responses happen quicker. If the vehicle has the optional Dynamic Damper Control, the car's suspension is adjusted to better match the driver's individual preferences.

If a driver's preference is for maximum performance, then he or she should opt for the BMW X2 M Sport X. The M Sport suspension is lowered four-tenths of an inch, is firmer, and even includes specially adapted anti-roll bar bearings.

The BMW X2 has a family resemblance to other X vehicles, but then again, it's different. Take the kidney grilles, for example. Instead of the traditional trapezoidal shape, the new X2's grilles are narrower at the top and taper out from there, reaching a maximum width about two-thirds of the way down. The Hofmeister Kink is still there, but it's getting more angular than in the past.

Speaking of the past, fans of the BMW 3.0CSL might be interested to see a BMW roundel on the C-pillars, a design element never before seen on an X vehicle.

The headlight unit contains the traditional quad-look headlamps, but these have a hexagonal outline that continues a current BMW trend. The headlights reach almost, but not quite to the kidney grilles. Full LED headlights are standard equipment.

BMW considers the X2's side skirts a signature design element that changes depending on the model line chosen. It is supposed to give the appearance of high ground clearance in a vehicle that should have high ground clearance anyway since it's an X vehicle.

While the roofline may not meet the traditional appearance of a coupe, it is more rakish than the X1 roofline. It starts lower and continues back to an extended rear lip spoiler over the back window. The standard rear spoiler can be replaced with a more pronounced M Rear Spoiler on the X2 M Sport X version.

The taillights meet the usual BMW design goal of being L-shaped not because of the whole taillight assembly, but because of the shape of the LED lights inside the assembly. Taillights are quite wide, wrapping around from the side to include the outside thirds of the rear. The rear diffuser adds to the impression of an off-roader while also drawing attention to the two large, round tailpipes.

The all-new BMW X2 can be had in some not-so-new colors like Alpine White and Jet Black, but new owners can choose from nine colors in all, including the new Galvanic Gold metallic.

Standard wheels on the X2 are Y-spoke 18-inchers, but 19-inch Y-spokes are available as an option.

On the inside, the new X2 comes standard with SensaTec upholstery, but for those who love leather, four shades of Dakota leather can be ordered with contrast stitching. Black high-gloss with a pearl chrome accent strip is the standard trim in the new X2, with four additional optional trims available with Pearl-effect Chrome and contour lighting in the door trim.

The X2's trunk may contain up to 50.1 cubic feet of whatever, which isn't bad for a vehicle this size. The rear seats fold flat, which extends the vehicle's utility. Large door pockets and additional storage compartments help the occupants get organized.

The front-seat occupants will sit a bit lower than in the BMW X1, but that's to be expected, especially with the X2's roofline. Still, the front seats are elevated and provide good visibility.

Ambient lighting is standard, with the driver able to select Orange, Lilac, Mint, Bronze, Blue, or White. The instrument panel and the Control Display employ what BMW calls "black panel technology," in which only a matte black surface is visible when the ignition is off, but then the gauges and dials that the driver selects or are relevant to the X2's operation light up when the vehicle starts.

Another option that many owners will go for is the panoramic roof. It adds to the impression of spaciousness inside the X2. The front section tilts and slides open like a normal sunroof.

BMW X2 M Sport X.

It's a good bet that many new X2 owners will choose the BMW X2 M Sport X version. The M Sport uses Frozen Grey as a contrast color that emphasizes the M-inspired design elements, while the distinct bumper clearly shows its M lineage.

“With the BMW X2 we’re introducing our new M Sport X model variant,” said Marcus Syring, Head of Design BMW M Automobiles. “The richly contrasting signature color Frozen Grey and recurring hexagonal elements are among its defining visual features. This model variant is inspired by rally racing. It embodies our interpretation of a new, young ‘M’ dynamic and offers a nuanced manifestation of sportiness.”

While the standard color for the BMW X2 M Sport X is Alpine White, seven metallic exterior colors are available as options, including Milano Blue Metallic, Sunset Orange Metallic and the new Galvanic Gold metallic.

The BMW X2 M Sport X comes with 19-inch style 722 M Double Spoke wheels, while 20-inch style 717 M Double Spoke wheels with Performance tires are optional.

The Connected BMW X2.

As with all new BMWs from here on, the X2 has BMW Connected and BMW ConnectedDrive elements that assist, inform, and entertain the driver and passengers. The sixth-generation iDrive controller is joined by cloud-based voice control, and an optional touchscreen Control Display that is easily reached by the front-seat passenger as well.

“We focused on presenting the customer’s interaction pathways with the car via the displays in a visually appealing and coherent way, as well as making them intuitive to use,” explained Gernot Schmierer, Head of User Experience Design for BMW Group Design. “With the BMW X2, we’re giving our customers the chance to interact with their car in the way they feel most comfortable. The BMW X2 uses the optional touch functionality and the optional Head-Up Display to offer a first-class customer experience in this vehicle class.”

If the new owner opts for a navigation system, then instead of the standard 6.5-inch Control Display, they get a 6.5- or 8.8-inch Touch Control Display that provides a quick summary of key information. A full-color Head-Up Display is optional.

BMW Connected integrates the user's smartphone with the new X2, allowing synchronization of schedules and destinations, performing some vehicle functions remotely, and viewing the vehicle's status on the phone's screen. And it's not just the driver who benefits. The driver can send a link to a contact that relays current information about the vehicle's location and projected arrival.

Wireless Apple CarPlay is optional on the new X2, as is the optional built-in WiFi hotspot.

Even though the X2 is smaller and closer to the entry level than other BMWs it comes with an impressive assortment of driver assistance systems. Most are optional and include: Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Info, Automatic High Beams, and Frontal Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning with City Braking function. The ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant maintains both a desired speed and the safe distance to vehicles travelling ahead. Park Distance Control and the rear-view camera make maneuvering in tight places safer and easier, while the optional Parking Assistant can assist the driver to find parallel parking spaces and then actually park the vehicle.

The all-new BMW X2 packs a lot of sportiness and usefulness into a smaller vehicle, while still stuffing the thing with mostly useful technology. This could be an ideal first BMW for an adventurous individual or couple, and with xDrive and the right tires, could make a superior snow car. This latest X vehicle has entry level, second car, and fun ride written all over it.—Scott Blazey

[Photos courtesy of BMW AG.]