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As much as we may lust after the BMW i8 hybrid sports car, the reality is that many of us will never have the financial resources to buy one. However, this doesn't mean that we all can't afford i8 technology. BMW of North America has a new advertising campaign that introduces BMW's concept of technology-sharing across model lines—and it shows how some i8 features will end up in BMWs we can afford.

The campaign demonstrates that the "i" in i8 stands for innovation. Trudy Hardy, vice-president of marketing for BMW of North America, explains, "Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Following in the lead of the BMW i8, which epitomizes innovation, we are elevating the technology across our entire range of BMW models, as highlighted in this national campaign."

Beginning September 1, 2014, BMW will present three new national television commercials that show how the groundbreaking technological innovations we have seen in the BMW i8 will migrate across the greater BMW family. In the BMW universe, the 3 Series, 5 Series, and X3 are in a different galaxy than the i8, but through technology transfer, those models can share i8 traits.

“Looking Forward” features the BMW i8’s Full-Color Head-Up Display, which is now also available in the BMW 3 Series. The Full-Color Head-Up Display projects important driving information, including speed limits and assistance systems displays—including current speed, navigation, and collision warnings—into the driver’s field of view.

“Change” shows us LED headlight technology as the BMW i8 dramatically morphs into the BMW 5 Series. The star in this video is the Adaptive LED Headlight system, which provides brighter lighting that matches the car’s turning to provide the best road illumination in every condition.

“Eyes Everywhere” takes viewers through the BMW i8’s iDrive screen to reveal the Surround View Camera System in the BMW X3. The Surround View Camera System provides the X3 driver a 360° panorama view around the vehicle, which makes it easier and safer to park, maneuver in tight situations, or navigate areas with limited visibility.

The television campaign will coordinate with a “tech drive” program in BMW dealerships across the U.S. Customers can experience first-hand the leading-edge innovations shown in the videos. This advertising blitz also includes digital media and social media programs, all built around increasing awareness that the technologies that are part of what makes the BMW i8 so desirable are available in other models as well.

Throughout the history of cars, leading-edge technology first demonstrated on race cars, concept cars, and top-of-the-line extreme production cars have eventually filtered down to the cars that we can afford and enjoy. BMW seems to be accelerating that process with some of the i8’s technology and the company—through these commercial spots—wants to make sure we know about it.—Scott Blazey

[Photos and videos courtesy of BMW of North America.]