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Are you at home on summer break, spending your days playing Sony's Gran Turismo 6? Or are you practicing your braking and turn-in points on one of the world-famous tracks like Laguna Seca to get you prepared for an upcoming driving school? Well, BMW and PlayStation want to see you racing their cars in the virtual world!
For the next few weeks, both BMW and PlayStation will be searching online for the best in-game images of certain BMW cars captured through Photomode within the popular racing simulator Gran Turismo 6. Each week there will be a new featured car; all you have to do is race it, take a picture of it in Photomode, and then post it on the Gran Turismo Facebook or Twitter pages using the designated hashtag.

Over the next few weeks they will be selecting one photo per week which will be shared on the BMW and Gran Turismo social network channels. That means your image could be seen by over 20 million fans!

Here is the schedule of the featured cars and required hashtags:

Week 1:

Starting 5PM (CET), July 28th

Vechicle:  BMW Vision GT

Hashtag:  #BMWPhotoVGT 

Week 2:

Starting 5PM (CET), Aug 4th

Vehicle: BMW M4

Hashtag:  #BMWPhotoM4

Week 3:

Starting 5PM (CET), Aug 11th

Vehicle: BMW 507

Hashtag:  #BMWPhoto507

Week 4:

Starting 5PM (CET), Aug 18th

Vehicle: BMW Z4 GT3

Hashtag:  #BMWPhotoZ4GT3

More information can be found on the BMW M-Power website.—Nate Risch