Club News

The Grand Prize for the 2018 Referral Program—we’re naming it the Membership Driver’s Award—will be a two-day M School Program at the BMW Performance Center, a $1200 Michelin and a $500 value Griot’s Car Care Kit. Yes, all of that. Refer 10 or more throughout the entire year and you’ll be entered—with at least ten entries. And you’ll have earned at least $50 in BMW CCA bucks, which could cover your next year of membership! And if that drawing doesn’t interest you, there’s a Recruiter’s Competition for those referring fewer than 10 and that first prize is a one-day M School.

We’re serious about growing this club and are ready to reward you for helping make it happen! But wait, there’s more!

Beyond those end-of-year drawings, we will have monthly and quarterly prizes, too! The member with the most referrals each month will win a free year of membership. As you read this, presumably on Tuesday, January 30, that means you have a little more than a day to get a few referrals in for the month and possibly have a chance to win in January already! But if you’re thinking, “No way could I get enough in this short time to win,” give it a shot and see. But anything you do the first three months will put you in a position—with a minimum six referrals in the quarter, for three quarterly prizes, too!

The first place winner each quarter will receive a minimum half-page profile in Roundel Magazine as well as a $150-value Michelin swag bag. Second place each quarter will receive $50 toward merchandise in the BMW CCA store. Third place will receive $25 to use toward merchandise in the BMW CCA store. But since you’ll have referred a minimum of six that quarter to be eligible for the quarterly awards, you’ll also have at least $30 in BMW CCA bucks on top of that!

So am I capable of referring someone to get them to join the club? Absolutely. Most of us own BMWs. How often have we been espousing to our friends, colleagues, or even folks we just meet the virtues of BMWs and why they should buy one instead of that other marque? Those are relatively expensive investments--$48/year is not. Talk to them about which benefit resonates with them.

We have some members who live for the magazine. Some joined for the rebate—good thing they joined before they bought their BMW! Others join for events and racing. Some join just for camaraderie and talking about cars. If they own a BMW or are thinking about it, it is highly likely we offer benefits and values that will pique their interest; but we need to ask them!

Set a goal. How many people can you get to join? Each month? Each quarter? For the year? What will it take to get them to join? Do you get their interest but then they don’t convert? Give them your membership number in the link so it populates that when they click the link:, with your (up to) six-digit member in place of ######. And remind them that by doing that, they will get entered into their own referred member drawing, too!