Club News

This is our club—your club! Let's grow it—not accidentally, but actively—all year. The obvious reward will be more friends, more activities, more cars, and more fun. And we can each do it; we can each make that impact, find that friend who has a BMW—or maybe the one who might buy one in fifteen months and save hundreds through rebates—and refer them to the club. This year we'll be rewarding members who refer new members every month, every quarter, and again at the end of the year with some amazing prizes and awards!

Each month, we’ll award a free one-year membership to the member who refers the most new members! Can you believe that last year, only 123 members referred more than one person? What’s your target each month? Can you invite a few people in to share the club’s many benefits? That might put you in the lead one month or more.

Each quarter, we’ll have a first, second and third place prize for the members referring the most new members. So, if you get off to a slow start one month, don’t despair, because you could still win something that quarter. Third place receives $25 in merchandise at the BMW CCA store. Second place receives $50 in merchandise at the BMW store. First place will receive a half page minimum member profile in Roundel Magazine and and a $150 value Michelin Swag Bag! Every quarter. The minimum to be eligible each quarter is six referrals that quarter—essentially two per month. And since for every referral, members get $5 in BMW CCA bucks, even qualified members not winning second or third place still get at least $30 in BMW CCA bucks for those referrals!

So, there are first, second and third place prizes for all four calendar quarters and there are first place prizes all twelve months, and every referral generates $5 in BMW CCA bucks. But we also have annual contests still—not only a first place drawing but a grand prize drawing! Every referral you make is an entry in the first place drawing. Refer one person and get one entry (and your $5 in BMW CCA bucks). Refer ten and get ten entries (and $50 in BMW CCA bucks—more than a year of membership!). The winner in the drawing receives a one-day M-school program including lodging!

To emphasize how important and how exciting referring members is for you and for the club, we are really raising the bar for the grand prize—and many of our partners recognize the same and are stepping in big time. The grand prize drawing will consist of a $500 Griot’s Car Care Package, a set of Michelin tires, and a two-day M School including lodging! To be eligible, you need to refer a minimum of ten new members throughout the calendar year—less than one per month. Each member referring ten or more new members will receive one entry in the grand prize drawing for each referral, so a minimum of ten entries. To put this in perspective, last year, sixteen people referred ten or more members. Those would leave you with pretty good odds, especially for a grand prize package valued at more than $5,000!

One member received this recently: “I joined because of YOU. And I love it; what a great club! I personally think the magazine is worth the membership alone. Four bucks a month is nothing especially with the magazine! Plus all the other stuff? No brainer.” He went on to say that he owns an X5 and does not consider himself an enthusiast, but is definitely glad he joined and will be applying for the rebate on his next BMW—more than making up his membership dues.

How many times do you want to hear that? I joined because of YOU. Let’s go make that happen. Find prospective members at Cars and Coffee meets. Find them at work. Find them at the gym. Find them by their parked BMWs in the parking lots. Find them in your neighborhood. BMW sells approximately 25,000 cars in the U.S. each month; what benefits do we enjoy that might appeal to those customers? Saving money with rebates? Performance Center discounts? Roundel magazine? Are they looking for resources and technical knowledge? Do they like driving events? Most people can check at least one of those boxes, and that means you’re already a step closer to possibly winning a monthly, quarterly or annual prize in the 2018 Membership Drive!