BMW News

A camouflaged test vehicle was recently spotted on the streets of Munich. Speculation on the web is that it could be the BMW X7 that was just announced a month ago and will be built in Plant Spartanburg. Others think it may be a new hybrid X5.

Whatever it is, some things are obvious about the vehicle:

•   It uses BMW-style camouflage, has a BMW SAV profile, and wears BMW wheels, so it’s probably a BMW.

•   They are serious about hiding the design details. Let’s hope the real rear lights are hidden under the camouflage; otherwise, somewhere a Chevy HHR is missing a pair of taillights.

•   They have done a good job of camouflaging the Hofmeister Kink.

•   Whether it’s an X5 or an X7, it is a hybrid. You can see the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sign on the back and make out the plug-in door on the left front fender, as well as the conventional fuel filler door on the right.

•   Unless the outline of the rear hatch is fake, the cargo door appears to be wider than previously seen on BMW SAVs.

•   It seems to be long enough to have a third row of seats plus cargo space.


We don’t know whether it’s a design exercise or prototype for a hybrid X7 or a new hybrid X5 or even an ordinary test mule, so we simply offer it for your enjoyment.—Scott Blazey


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