Racing News

Dirk Adorf and Nick Catsburg won the four-hour VLN enduro on the Nordschleife at the Nurburgring in a BMW Sports Trophy Team Marc VDS Z4. It was the team’s second win on the Nordschleife this season; one of their Z4s won the April six-hour qualifying race for the Nurburgring 24. The 24-hour race will run on June 21-22.

Marc VDS’ second Z4, driven by Maxime Martin, Jörg Müller, and Marco Wittmann was running in the top five, but it fell back after an incident on the last lap. Uwe Alzen and Philipp Wlazik finished fourth in Alzen’s Z4.

BMW Motorsport is sponsoring an M235i Racing Cup within VLN races. Max Partl and Jörg Weidinger of the Scheid-Partl Motorsport team won this round.—Brian S. Morgan