BMW News

You'd expect the i8 key fob to be innovative—and it is. Weeks after its first appearance, the gadget is still getting some press coverage.

The traditional key fob, even in its newer iterations, is out the window, and the high-tech i8 key is in. It comes with a high-resolution LCD display programmed to show some of the most relevant information in relation to the i8 hybrid sports car. The i8 key fob displays the charge level, the range before recharging/refueling, the time it was charged, and whether the key is connected to the vehicle or not.

BMW seems to have learned something from Apple and Android-based phones, and the little key fob acts like a mini smart phone with re-programmable functions. But as you can imagine, the BMW i8 key fob won’t be cheap; a replacement will most likely set you back at least $1,000. Gulp..

The i8 goes on sale in Spring 2014 with a base price of $135,925. No word yet on what (if anything) you can add to it.—Paul Duchene