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BMW has announced price increases across the board for 2013 models, effective as of this month. The increases range from as little as $200 to as high as $2,000 on some M models. BMW’s perennial strong horse—the 3 Series—will start at $33,675 for the 2014 320i, representing an increase of $200. The 2014 BMW 328i sedan also receives a $200 bump to $38,225, while a convertible model will run you at least $48,825. The 2013 335is convertible will start at $62,025, while the BMW M3 will top be of the 3 Series range, starting at $69,975—if you can find one.

The least expensive BMW is the 2013 128i, which starts at $32,425. And the most expensive? The 2014 BMW M6 convertible, which starts at $118,425, representing an increase of $2,000. In fact, the M5 Sedan, M6 Gran Coupe, M6 Coupe and the aforementioned Convertible all saw the top spike of two grand over last year’s price. All prices quoted include the $925 delivery fee.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been locked in a fierce rivalry, and have resorted to concentrated sales efforts to attempt to outpace each other. Curiously, 2014 models are excluded from the price bumps––- so far anyway. –– Paul Duchene

ModelCurrent MSRPMY 2013 MSRP, Effective October 1st. 2013Increase (Decrease)
128i Coupe$32,125$32,425$300
135i Coupe$40,225$40,525$300
135is Coupe$44,175$44,475$300
128i Convertible$37,825$38,125$300
135i Convertible$45,025$45,325$300
135is Convertible$48,875$49,175$300
320i Sedan$33,475$33,675$200
320i xDrive Sedan$35,475$35,675$200
328i Sedan$38,025$38,225$200
328i xDrive Sedan$40,025$40,225$200
328i Convertible$48,525$48,825$300
335i Sedan$44,125$44,325$200
335i xDrive Sedan$46,125$46,325$200
335i Convertible$54,725$55,025$300
335is Convertible$61,725$62,025$300
M3 Convertible$69,675$69,975$300
Active Hybrid 3$50,625$50,825$200
M5 Sedan$91,825$93,825$2,000
535i GT$60,925$61,125$200
535i xDrive GT$63,225$63,425$200
550i GT$68,825$69,025$200
550i xDrive GT$71,125$71,325$200
640i Gran Coupe$78,025$78,525$500
640i xDrive Gran Coupe$81,025$81,525$500
650i Gran Coupe$89,325$89,825$500
650i xDrive Gran Coupe$92,325$92,825$500
M6 Gran Coupe$113,925$115,925$2,000
640i Convertible$83,325$83,825$500
640i xDrive Convertible$86,325$86,825$500
650i Convertible$94,625$95,125$500
650i xDrive Convertible$97,625$98,125$500
M6 Convertible$116,425$118,425$2,000
640i Coupe$75,825$76,325$500
640i xDrive Coupe$78,825$79,325$500
650i Coupe$87,125$87,625$500
650i xDrive Coupe$90,125$90,625$500
M6 Coupe$110,125$112,125$2,000
X1 sDrive28i$31,725$31,825$100
X1 xDrive28i$33,425$33,525$100
X1 xDrive35i$39,525$39,725$200
X3 xDrive 28i$40,525$40,725$200
X3 xDrive 35i$45,625$45,825$200
X6 xDrive35i$60,725$61,725$1,000
X6 xDrive50i$71,325$72,325$1,000
X6 M$93,825$94,825$1,000
Z4 sDrive28i$48,875$49,875$1,000
Z4 sDrive35i$56,875$57,875$1,000
Z4 sDrive35is$65,725$66,725$1,000

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