BMW News

BMW Group Classic will be getting a "new" home in the near future that is a perfect fit for the branch that is responsible for all activities involving the history of the company and its brands. BMW Group has acquired a plot of land in the Milbertshofen district of Munich, not too far from the BMW Welt, that contains buildings that were originally part of the BMW factory built in 1918.

According to the BMW Group Press Release:

"The new location will offer space for the BMW Group Classic workshop, a customer centre (including parts sales for vintage and classic models), the BMW company archive, and administration and event facilities. Added to which, the new site will also allow BMW Group Classic to put items from its collection of historic vehicles on display.
The new home of BMW Group Classic was once the cradle of industrial-scale manufacturing of BMW engines: it was on Moosacher Straße that the company first began producing aircraft engines in large numbers from 1918 on. Late in 1920, however, Knorr-Bremse took over ownership of the entire site and the buildings on it. 
And now, more than 90 years later, the acquisition of the premises for BMW Group Classic sees the company returning to its historic roots. The integration of part of the old production halls and the heritage-protected gate building into the overall concept for the new BMW Group Classic site also offers the opportunity for an intriguing confluence of architecture and function in the mould of the BMW Museum, which has also been heritage-protected since 1999."
Take a look around the BMW site in Google Street View.—Nate Risch