Michiana Chapter

Michiana Chapter

PO Box 2173
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2173

Mission: The Michiana chapter serves BMW CCA members in all of West Michigan and Northern Indiana. However, members should not limit their activities to one single chapter, but explore activities of any chapter that serves their interests.

Vision: Continuously promote driver-centric racing, social events, classes, Autocross, share engaging stories and experience via newsletters, and promote other local automotive activities!

Events are detailed on our website and Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/909612199083382/

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  • 2018 3rd Quarter (Spring 2018 Edition)
  • 2016 1st Quarter
  • 2015 2nd Quarter
  • 2015 1st Quarter
  • 2014 1st Quarter
  • 2013 4th Quarter
  • 2013 3rd Quarter
  • 2013 2nd Quarter
  • 2013 1st Quarter
  • 2012 4th Quarter
  • 2012 3rd Quarter
  • 2012 2nd Quarter
  • 2012 1st Quarter
  • 2011 4th Quarter
  • 2011 3rd Quarter
  • 2011 2nd Quarter
  • 2011 1st Quarter
  • 2010 3rd Quarter


(616) 262-6862
Northern Michigan Rep
Kalamazoo Area Coordinator
South Bend Area Coordinator
South Bend Area Coordinator
Tim Brassell
Fort Wayne Area Coordinator
Driving School Contact
Autocross Chairman
Membership Chair
Authorized Chapter Email Service User
Street Survival Administrator
Authorized Chapter Email Service User