International Council of BMW Clubs

International Council of BMW Clubs

United States

Currently more than 200,000 BMW enthusiasts are organized into a network of official BMW Clubs spanning the globe. The BMW Club organizations in the USA constitute the largest community of BMW fans, with one automobile and two motorcycle umbrella organizations listing around 115,000 members.

The European BMW Clubs are organized into two umbrella organizations - BMW Clubs Europa e.V. and the BMW Clubs European Federation. These organizations today embrace some 30,000 members in 190 clubs. Further important club organizations are found in Africa, Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand), Dubai, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, many new BMW Clubs are currently being set up in Eastern Europe, East Asia, Latin America and China.

Aficionados come together within these numerous BMW Clubs to hold events and help each other by exchanging ideas and experiences on all aspects of BMW. These meetings inspire international friendships right across the world.


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David de Bruyn
Vice-Chair Automobiles
Prof. Dr. Philip C. Abrami
Vice-Chair Motorcycles
Matz Rosenquist
Vice-Chair Classic
Dr. Bernhard Knöchlein