Illini BMW Chapter

Illini BMW Chapter

PO Box 10306
Peoria, IL 61612-0306

Welcome to the Illini Chapter's landing page. We are in the process of establishing a new landing page. Here is some current information as of Sept 18, 2019. Check out our website:

President: Rick Largen
Vice President: Rick Roudebush
Treasurer/Secretary: Bruce Huber

Appointed Board Members:
Newsletter Editor: Eric Wank
Track Events Chairman: Boris Pedhara
Past President: Sean Hayes

Our revised bylaws will appear soon followed by our exciting calender of events for 2019. Thanks for your patience while we continue to grow in many ways to better serve our existing members and reach out to attract new members.



  • Quarter 1 - 2012 - ROUNDELIAN
  • Quarter 2 - 2012 - ROUNDELIAN
  • Quarter 3 - 2012 - ROUNDELIAN
  • Quarter 4 - 2012 - ROUNDELIAN
  • October 1st 2010


(217) 825-8606
Vice President
Driving School Contact
Social Chair
Street Survival Chair
Past Chapter President