By naterisch
“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese proverb (or maybe it’s a curse). Of course, there may seem to be a dearth of “interesting” things going on at any given time, but if you were to push the fast-forward button on life, you’d look back and wish you could have some of those bland periods back.
By naterisch
Because I’m a new member of the Roundel Weekly team, many of you may not know much about me. I first became a BMW CCA member back in 1999, but I didn’t purchase my first BMW until 2010. The story behind that car will tell you just how dedicated and passionate I am about the brand.
By naterisch
Twenty years ago, BMW brought over the U.S. version of the E36 M3. It was wildly successful; even though it lacked the more powerful Euro M engine, its 240 horses were more than enough power to inspire a generation of driving enthusiasts.
By naterisch
The BMW CCA is a great venue for playing with your car, with instructional programs ranging from Street Survival teen-driver courses to high-performance driving schools. But there are other forms of automotive fun; some chapters put on autocross competitions, while others lay out tours or rally events.
By chennecy
Calm, serene: Crisp air hovers above the frosted grass in the passing yards as a single car traverses the local main road en route to work on the typical Monday commute. Sound dribbles from the speakers; the driver tunes in a favorite station. Gloved hands struggle to hit the tiny steering-wheel button; then the driver instinctively reaches over for Preset Number One.