Central Cal Street Survival School

September 13, 2014
Join us for Central Cal Street Survival from 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. for Tire Rack Street Survival to teach training in real-world accident avoidance situations. The cost includes lunch and membership in the BMW Car Club of America. Details at
Your TeenCan Become a Safer, Smarter Driver! The Tire Rack Street SurvivalĀ® school is a safe teen program designed to go beyond today's required driver's education and give teens across the U.S. the driving tools and hands-on experience to become safer, smarter drivers. With trained and qualified in-car driving instructors as well as classroom experience for each student, the Tire Rack Street Survival provides a ?hands-on" driving experience in real-world situations. Students will use their own car to learn about its handling limits and how it can be controlled. Students will experience emergency driving situations in a controlled environment including skid control, ABS braking, accident voidance, and emergency lane changes, among many other good driving skills and habits. Each element will teach a specific skill or group of skills and they will experience each exercise element several times in order to learn from their mistakes. They will learn how their cars feel and sound just before and as they exceed the limits of tire adhesion in a controlled situation, helping them to avoid accidents in actual everyday driving situations. The exercise elements are laid out in advance and are designed to be fun, safe, challenging and educational. There is no stopwatch, nor head-to-head competition with other cars. The students are here to improve their skills, not to compare themselves with someone else. Safety is our prime concern.


1121 S. Chance Avenue
CA, Fresno 93702