Boston Chapter Undercarriage Tech Session

April 06, 2024
Rodrigo Lembo Service Director & Shop Foreman Russ & Matt will be overseeing the undercarriage inspections. There will be 16 participants who will each have 30 minutes on the lift for the Techs to find any decencies observed. Each participant will be allowed to observe with the Tech doing the inspection. Time slots will be based on a first come served basis when signing up for the Event in MSR which is required for participating in the Event. The BMW Parts Manager Gus has agreed to a 25% that Day Only BMW Parts Discount of 25% for our Chapter members. Tires & Motor Oil are NOT included in the offer. If you want to order parts ahead of time you can do so by calling Retail Parts at (781)769-1458.


John Sullivan
918 Providence Hwy
MA, Norwood 02062