Spring HPDE @ LRP

April 27, 2024
We have the track for the full day and ARE NOT sharing the track with another group as we have in years past. For instructed students, that means one run group at time is one track during a session, not mixed levels. Advanced drivers will be mixed in with instructors. The track goes hot at 9:00 a.m. and sessions run continuously until 5:00 p.m. Our goal is 20-25 minute sessions per run group, depending on how many sign-up. All drivers are placed in a run group based upon their track experience and Instructor recommendation. Our Data Acquisition Program is in full swing and we have purchased a limited number of AiM DL1 units for rental by Advanced and Solo drivers at a cost of $50 per day. There will also a "one on one" Data Evaluation/Analysis session for those interested. If you have your own unit and don't need to rent one, the Data Evaluation/Analysis session will still be available. Both of these "add-on packages" are available on a first come first served basis and will be part of the Registration process. Registration closes when the school is full or midnight April 21st Registration is limited to 70 students! Instructed Run Groups D-Beginner, C-Novice, and B-Intermediate is $425.00 per driver. Partially Instructed Run Group B-Solo is $395 per driver. Non-instructed Run Group A-Advanced is $395 per driver. Run Groups: A (Advanced) -This is the fasted, most skilled student run group. The student has PREVIOUSLY BEEN APPROVED BY THE PATROON OR CVC CHIEF INSTRUCTOR to drive solo. The student must attend all classroom sessions, and is eligible to receive in-car instruction during the day. B-Solo (Intermediate) - A high number of days of track experience. This is a fast, skilled run group. The B-Solo student HAS BEEN APPROVED BY PATROON OR CVC's CHIEF INSTRUCTOR to drive solo SOME of the sessions. B (Intermediate) - A high number of days of track experience. This is a fast, skilled run group, but the student is not allowed to drive without an instructor. C (Novice) - More than five days of track experience. D (Beginner) - None, to a few days, of track driving experience. The student is not allowed to drive without an instructor. Note: Student experience level is solely as determined by the Patroon Chief Driving Instructor. Should a student register for a run group higher than their experience level, the student will be reassigned and any resulting change in fee will be charged/credited accordingly.


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