Flying through Time: Journey at The Museum of Flight

February 17, 2024
Join us through the skies and beyond with our private Docent Tour at the Museum of Flight. It is a great experience as our expert docent guides you through the rich tapestry of aviation history, combining past accomplishments with a glimpse into the future of flight. They will share captivating anecdotes and stories about the exhibits, adding a human touch to the historical narrative. These stories may include details about famous aviators, groundbreaking missions, or the challenges faced in aviation. From space exploration missions to innovative aircraft designs, this tour promises to captivate your imagination and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the endless possibilities of flight. The tour typically concludes with a Q&A session, allowing visitors to seek clarification, share their observations, and further engage with the docent. This personalized interaction enhances the overall learning experience. The tour length is about 1 hour. Attendees will be able to tour The Museum of Flight once the tour concludes. We will meet in the East Parking lot and get a headcount prior to entering The Museum of Flight Reserved parking for attendees in the Main Lot, east of the Lockheed Super Constellation (TWA) will be available. The event is free for members and their family members/guests. Limit 40 total; we will release more tickets as we get an age range on registrations


Christian Bouchez
9404 E Marginal Way S
WA, Seattle 98108