NCC Autocross Test and Tune #1 2023

April 15, 2023
Autocross is a safe, low-speed motorsport where competitors drive against the clock to turn in the best times as they navigate a driving course defined by orange parking cones in a large, open lot. Our NCC Autocross school is the best way for new and budding autocross participants to learn more about autocross and improve their driving performance through in-car instruction by some of the best instructors in the Washington DC area. Come join us for a fun and educational day filled with safe but adrenaline raising motorsport. Designed to help you take your autocross skills to the next level by allowing for unlimited runs, ample time to tweak settings, and instruction (if you want it). We will have several advanced autocross instructors available to help those who just need a bit more to improve. There is no limit on runs! Just drive, drive, drive! This event is limited to a maximum of 40 participants!! The event will begin at 8:30 AM and run until 4:30 PM. Each person will be required to work two 45 minute sessions throughout the day. Please choose your work assignment. 8 persons per work assignment so first come, first choice. We will be doing 'hot' worker swaps through the day, so pay attention to the time and your work assignment.


Fraser Dachille
201 Motorsports Park Circle
WV, Summit Point 25446