High Performance Driver Education - Lime Rock Park CT

April 29, 2023
This year we are partnering with the Patroon Chapter from Albany for a full day high performance driver education school. What does “full day” mean? It means this year we have the track for the entire day, no sharing with another group. It also means no mixed run groups and additional time on track. Not sure driving your car on track is for you? We got you covered! In addition to the traditional HPDE, we will also be offering a very limited number of “Taste of the Track” tickets. Our Taste of the Track program allows club members to drive their car on the track during the HPDE lunchtime break. The group will follow an instructor driven pace car around Lime Rock’s iconic 1.53 mile circuit will discovering the handling capabilities of their vehicle. The driving day ends at 5:00 p.m. and the social hour begins under the tower with pizza and beverages. Everyone enjoys hearing stories from the day while hangout out with friends. Registration for the HPDE and Taste of the Track opens soon, watch for the email!


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