Advanced Driving School - CTMP Grand Prix

April 21, 2023 to April 23, 2023
BMW Dashboard with steering wheel
Trillium Chapter's first Advanced Driving School of 2023 will be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on April 21-23. Pricing: Sat/Sun: $851 CAD Early-bird prices: $712 CAD more than 6 weeks in advance $782 CAD more than 3 weeks in advance Fri (pre-approved Solo only): $504 CAD Early-bird prices: $426 CAD more than 6 weeks in advance $468 CAD more than 3 weeks in advance Each year CTMP increases their fees. Trillium also increases the fees to its members by the same percentage. All prices include HST. If you are a novice and have never been on a track before, enter discount code FIRSTTIMER2023 to get our $75 Novice First Timer discount (limit one person) Friday lapping is only available to pre-approved Solo, Instructors and A-group students with extensive​ previous experience at CTMP, and have been previously signed-off at CTMP. If you are an A student and wish to attend on Friday, please confirm eligibility by sending an email to to get approval before registering. A-group students are also required to be registered for the Saturday/Sunday DE (either through this page or through the DE Packages) and will be assigned an instructor for Saturday/Sunday. Since COVID has not gone away, in-car instruction will only be available to students and instructors who are both fully vaccinated and willing to upload proof of vaccination status. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated, or does not want to divulge their status, will not be eligible for in-car and will be required to use the lead-follow format instead. These steps are optional for people in the pre-approved Solo group. After registering for the event, please go to and indicate your preference regarding in-car instruction. If you provided your vaccination certificate last year then there is no need to do it again.


Allan Lewis
$712 - $851 CAD
3233 Concession Road #10
ON, Bowmanville L1C 3K6