Devil's Highway Drive

October 07, 2022 to October 09, 2022
Devils Highway
Come join us on this epic journey through the twisty back roads of Eastern Arizona, where you can take-in the beautiful scenery and enjoy your BMW in a manner that brings out its legendary BMW engineering magic. U.S. Route 666 was first commissioned in 1926, with a northern terminus of Cortez, CO. The Signage arrived to Arizona in 1938, stretching to Douglas, of which 30 miles of it overlapped U.S. Route 66. 1985 marked the end of U.S. Route 66 designation, leaving U.S. Route 666 an orphan. Due to dislike of the reference to the Antichrist, street signs were stolen at a faster pace than they could be replaced. Rerouting and complaints from superstitious drivers were a few of the reasons that lead to the gradual cessation of Route 666. Eventually, Arizona changed the numbering to U.S. 191 in 1993. On May 31, 2003, U.S. Route 666 officially became extinct, leaving legends, scenic miles, and the nickname “The Devil’s Highway” for posterity.


Stephen Harris
42679 US Highway 180
AZ, Alpine 85920