DIY @Scandinavian Auto Imports

November 12, 2022
The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program allows National Capital Chapter members work on their own cars under the guidance of experienced members and technicians provided by the DIY sponsors. The purpose of a DIY event is to learn and practice proper maintenance and repair techniques that you can routinely complete. Access to the sponsor’s lifts is timeboxed within a two-hour time period. There are typically several NCC members who can assist you when an extra pair of hands or advice is needed. We are happy to show newcomers the joys of working on your own car. Most events start at between 8 am and 9 am and typically finish at 2 pm. Lunch for the event is provided by the club. Ladies Are Welcome During the year, we are stage several DIY (LDIY) events that are geared as introduction to the DIY experience. We also have a ladies’ introduction overview at several DIY events in conjunction with new member orientations. This gives you an opportunity to hear about LDIY events from ladies that have participated in the past. It also allows you to see an event in progress and the jobs that can be performed. Mary Snyder is the LDIY coordinator and has designed the LDIY program to serve the novice and advanced DIY’er. Tools All Club members are expected to bring their own tools, such as metric wrenches, socket sets, etc. For job-specific tools you may ask to borrow another Club member’s tools. The DIY Committee has established a selection of special tools, which may be used at an event. Please note that our sponsors do not provide tools.


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