Instructor Training School

August 05, 2022 to August 07, 2022
The event will feature top level mentors and classroom and includes manuals, lunches, and the potential to join the ranks of nationally recognized BMW Instructors. Candidates will need recommendations from Chief Instructor(s) and have excellent driving skills and records. If you think you’d like to share your skills, start by filling out the Instructor Training School (ITS) Application (link below) The GVC Instructor Training School (ITS) is a three-day program that is typically offered in conjunction with a GVC BMW CCA weekend driving school at Watkins Glen. The purpose of the school is to give advanced students, who are ready to progress to the next level, an opportunity to learn about and experience instructing in a safe and supportive environment. Our program is designed to identify and train only top tier instructors. Candidates' driving skills and instructional abilities will be mentored and rated by our region’s most dedicated and accomplished instructors. The first two days of the program consist of alternating in-car role-playing with an ITS mentor-instructor and classroom sessions. At the end of the second day, the candidate's progress is evaluated, and if ready, the candidate will begin instructing a student on Sunday; otherwise, he or she will continue to work with their mentor. The classroom session encourages open discussion so that students can share their instructing experiences with fellow classmates and learn from each other. If you would enjoy the rewards of sharing your driving skills with others, and are ready to commit to promoting high performance driving in a positive and professional way, we welcome your application to participate in our program. If you meet these qualifications, please complete an Instructor Training School (ITS) Application on the event page listed listed with this description. After your application has been received, you will be contacted by the ITS Chief Instructor via email and/or phone. If you have any questions, and to register, please email the: GVC ITS Chief Instructor, at the email address lsted on the event page as the ITS Chief Instructor, Ken Buschner. (


Ken Buschner
2790 County Route 16
NY, Watkins Glen 14891