CCC at Pacific Raceways

May 07, 2021
CCC at Pacific Raceways.
As the title states, it is a clinic that allows you as the driver to experience the engineering designs of the braking, steering, and handling of your BMW (or whatever car you bring out). There is a large, paved paddock at Pacific Raceways that will have scenarios marked by cones for you to navigate. These scenarios, also called exercises, are designed to demonstrate the handling and braking ability of your car but also will simulate real-life situations that may be encountered on the road. You will spend the day with instructors, in a Covid19-compliant manner, helping you position your car, understand vehicle dynamics, and experience the safety features of your car. Our Jeff Butler is a very energetic and thoughtful lead instructor who will explain the concepts and methods for each exercise. We want you to understand all of the abilities of your Ultimate Driving Machine so that you are better prepared for whatever might confront you on the road. Those BMW engineers know what they are doing, and the Car Control Clinic will help you realize it. Attendance of our Car Control Clinic (or one similar organized by other clubs) is also the required step for you to drive on the racetrack. The next step is to register for a HPDE Day-High Performance Driving Education day.


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